Can Leftist Student Activists Survive Without Their Professional Babysitters and Allies? (Institutionalized Political Correctness)

University of Mossouri journalism professor telling student journalists to get out of her "safe space."
University of Missouri journalism professor telling student journalists to get out of her “safe space.”

People often talk about institutionalized racism, which is a real thing. It is a fact that the state enforced segregation. It is a fact that the government was used for a very long time to keep blacks and whites separate. Jim Crow doesn’t happen without big and intrusive government. Racism was institutionalized, codified, the law of the land. Racism was supported by the state. Cops, judges, lawmakers, Etc. supported an evil mindset.

Likewise  we are presented with a similar mindset in political correctness, though the ethos comes from a different direction. But like the racist laws of the past PC is given the veneer of respectability by fellow travelers. College administrators, professors, campus police, lawmakers, all work to encourage the narrow minded and deeply anti-liberal religion of cultural Marxism. PC has become institutionalized. As such open minded people need to understand this. The power structure in many places has been hijacked by people who embrace a very intolerant world-view.

(From The National Review)

Scratch the surface of many — if not most — large-scale leftist campus protests, and you’ll find allied faculty members and administrators hovering, Melissa Click–like, in their midst. Indeed, many of them view encouraging student activism as a core part of their job, especially at the various diversity-oriented “centers” scattered throughout most large campuses.

The contrast between the liberal and conservative student-activist experience is immense. Every rule and regulation is strictly enforced against conservatives. They often have to fight for space in empty classrooms, scratch and claw to free up tiny speaker budgets, and then face near-universal condemnation from professors and the various deans and other administrators who are theoretically employed to enhance all of student life, not just leftist life. In the meantime, the few conservative professors often remain huddled in their closets, terrified at the very thought of expressing support even for the most brave and principled student dissenter.

Leftist students, by contrast, enjoy willing and enthusiastic help at every stage of the activist process.

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