Chess champ Gary Kasparov: “I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism”

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Indeed. Socialism is a siren song. Come to me. Socialism is freedom. Socialism is justice. Socialism is prosperity. And then, over and over the intoxicated socialist finds himself or herself prostrate on the rocks of reality. Economic winds lashing their eyes. Waves of political dysfunction washing over them. The nomenklatura picking at their liver.

But the song was so beautiful!

To use another analogy, in the movie Dr. Zhivago* there is a scene where the young doctor looks through the lens of his microscope at a squirming bacteria and remarks to his mentor on how beautiful the bacteria is.

“Beautiful things can do terrible things to people.”

The older doctor’s warning applied both to Zhivago’s love interest and to the rising socialist sentiment in Moscow.

Below what Kasparov has to say on socialism.

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The last question Kasparov poses is a vital one. Who will be America’s America if we continue to let big government take over our lives and the economy. Who will create? Who will innovate? Socialism does not encourage creativity and innovation.

*Dr. Zhivago might be my favorite film ever.