Climate Scientist Asking Obama To Prosecute Skeptics Made Millions Off ‘Double-Dipping’ (Your tax dollars at work)

Only dip once please.

Work the system baby. That is the mantra of many high level government employees. We see it over and over. The taxpayer is nothing but a sucker.

So what if it’s the “taxpayers money.” I am important and have the government credential to show it. Those dumb hicks should be happy to make my life comfortable. I’m doing good for the world!

(From The Daily Caller)

The main climate scientist behind a letter asking President Barack Obama to prosecute those who question global warming may have been cheating taxpayers by illegally “double-dipping” — he was paying himself and his wife millions of dollars while running a taxpayer-funded research group while collecting a paycheck from his state-funded academic job.

“Since 2001, as President of IGES, Dr. Shukla appears to have paid himself and his wife a total of $5.6 million in compensation — an excessive amount for a non-profit relying on taxpayer money,” Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith

For the record Against Crony Capitalism is also a non-profit but we get no taxpayer money. As such I haven’t seen many million dollar checks lately.