Clinton Strategist: We Won’t Do Any More Debates Unless Bernie Sanders Changes His Tone

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Both major parties are being pulled apart right now. Lots of attention has been paid to the Trump phenomenon but the Bernie brigades are causing lots of consternation in the Dem world. Hillary can not believe that with all her backing, all the friends she has, the control of the DNC, the Soros money, the special media deals, that she is fighting for her life against a wild haired (and it has to be said) male Vermont senator. I mean it has got to kill her.

Also consider what the response would be if the Sanders camp told Hillary to change her “tone.” Tone?

(From Mediaite)

Hillary Clinton chief strategist Joel Benensonsaid on CNN Monday that they would refuse to schedule any further debates with Bernie Sanders unless his campaign changed its tone.

The Clinton campaign agreed to do four additional debates back in January. But despite their agreement with the Sanders camp, no future Democratic debates were ever scheduled and the candidates are not slated to meet again.

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