Crony socialists see the fury of the citizenry in Brazil (Video)

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Both the current president Rousseff Dilma and the former president Lula da Silva, both of the socialist Worker Party, have been caught (it appears according to a publicly released wire tap) colluding to avoid justice. People spilled into the streets last night, again, to demand Dilma’s and now Lula’s head.

Just a few years ago both leaders were darlings of the Chavista (and socialist) inspired “Pink Tide” in South America. That tide has clearly turned. But it has not taken Dilma out to sea – yet.

One question I have is why it is that “socialist” leaders all seem to want to be rich? From Cuba, to Venezuela, to Argentina, to Brazil, to Chicago, to Washington DC this seems to be true. There’s something weird, psychologically speaking, there.

It should be noted also that George Soros owned (owns?) a significant stake in Petrobras.