Emory Students Respond To Denunciations Of Trump Chalking With MORE TRUMP CHALKING

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Perhaps we need to revert back to the tactics of the free speech advocates of the 1960s. Let us be clear.


Liberals (even a version of modern “liberal”) are for free speech. Social Justice Warriors are not. The PC brigades are not. Those who would restrict thought, who legitimately think it’s OK to complain about “thought crime” are not liberals. They are authoritarians. They are not the good guys. Far from it. It does not matter if one’s ancestry stems from a particular group which was oppressed or not. You don’t get to mess with speech in this country. Period.

I am 3/4 Irish. The British brutalized the people of the Emerald Isle. Am I  I justified in calling for removal of English muffins from grocery stores? My last name is Sorrentino. Ragu is sold as legitimate pasta sauce. Do I think this is an “appropriation” of my Italian ancestry for crass commercial profit. NO.

And even if I did it wouldn’t matter. You know why? Because grownups can handle things like this. It’s one of the things which makes one a grownup. At least in a free society.

I am sorry but adults understand that in a liberal (in the classical sense) society one is going to be offended. I am offended every single day, multiple times a day. And guess what? That is OK. Life goes on.

Now if you get in my face and start insulting me we might have a beef. Short of that, I’m cool. I might be offended. I might think that people like Reverend Wright spew lies and hate. I might think that MSNBC pours simple minded statism into the newstream. I might think that Sean Hanity and his attacks on liberty and libertarians are asinine. But that is OK. I can be offended. And so can you Social Justice Warriors. If you’re uncomfortable, if you feel “triggered,” that’s alright. That’s life. If one can’t handle such things therapy is always an option.

 (From The Daily Caller)

The newest chalking at Emory represents the Republican presidential front-runner in his trademark baseball cap. Scribbled on the cap is the slogan: “Make Emory Great Again.”

Young Americans for Liberty also chalked other messages on campus on behalf of every other remaining Republican and Democratic presidential candidate. Some of the other chalk imagery also managed to make clever use of the other candidates’ slogans.

Leaders of the limited-government-focused group said their multi-candidate campus chalking adventure is manifestly not intended to endorse any particular candidate.

Instead, the goal is to buck the growing national impression that Emory is full of ninnies who are afraid of temporary, mainstream political speech that can be instantly washed away with a bucket of water and a bit of scrubbing.

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