Emory University: We Will Use Security Cameras to Track Down and Possibly Punish Students Who Chalked Their Support for Trump

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What is going on on college campuses these days? I mean it used to be, back in the 60s, that there were legit causes to be fought. The free speech movement, the civil rights movement, fighting the draft. All pretty legitimate issues as far as I’m concerned.

But now the student sensitivity police partner with campus administrations to suppress thought? What happened? How could such small mindedness be given official sanction?

If this isn’t an example of the college bubble I don’t know what is. A generation of privilege has become far too insulated. Reality has left many college campuses.

(From New York Magazine)

College can be a stressful period: You’re living on your own for the first time, you’re meeting all sorts of new people, you have to do a lot of reading. Most jarring is the realization that not everyone believes the same things as you do. Some people, for example, like Incubus. It can be jarring. Heck, they even might have political views you find abhorrent!

Some students at Emory are struggling mightily with that last part, if an article in the Emory Wheel (via Gawker) is any indication. Sunday night and Monday morning, the paper reports, some person or group chalked various messages in support of Trump all over campus. The article gives no indication the chalkings were themselves racist or otherwise offensive, other than that they expressed support for a gross political candidate, though one did read “Accept the Inevitable: Trump 2016.”

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