EPA’s Gold King Mine Explanations Leave Gaping Holes

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Flint was/is bad and a good example of an EPA screw up of significant scale. (The agency knew about lead contamination of water supplies months before making the information public.) But the massive spill created by the EPA that contaminated the Animas river last year is just horrible. Thing is the people affected are largely rural Native Americans and so not of particular political importance. (To Washington.)

(From The Daily Caller)

The Daily Caller News Foundation compiled these aspects of how EPA officials handled the Colorado Gold King Mine spill, which contaminated nearby rivers with 880,000 pounds of toxic metals like lead and arsenic in August, 2015.

Not only did EPA workers inexplicably build a channel for draining mine waste, the agency crew opened up the mine without the proper equipment on-site that day. EPA’s also been interfering with the agency inspector general’s investigation of the spill, and released “plans” for the mine that are misleading and riddled with errors.

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