Failed St. Louis VA Chief Got Plush Job ($160,000/year), Free House in Philippines

But I sure am glad the VA can take care of it's bureaucrats so well.
But I sure am glad the VA can take care of its bureaucrats so well.

A key, perhaps THE key to success as a high level government crony is having absolutely no shame. (Some call this sociopathic behavior.) Shame is for people with consciences. You, if you want to succeed in the nasty world of government would be wise to abandon that little voice which guides you and tells you right from wrong. Just smile. Nod. Keep the bodies buried and the closets closed and one day you too can achieve bureaucrat nirvana. And there is no better place to pursue your climb than at Veterans Affairs apparently. Or maybe the IRS. Or the EPA. Or well, I guess they are all pretty similar.

Accountability is for suckers. You’ve got a taxpayer financed pension to think about. There’s a reason you went into government work after all.

(From The Daily Caller)

Rima Nelson disappeared from public view after the St. Louis Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital she managed potentially exposed 1,800 patients to HIV, was closed twice for serious medical safety issues and ranked dead last in patient satisfaction.

But Nelson wasn’t fired. Her VA superiors hid her literally on the other side of the Earth in 2013 at the department’s only foreign facility, a seldom-used clinic inside the palatial U.S. Embassy in the Philippines capital city of Manila.

She resides in a government-provided condo and gets the same $160,000 salary she made in St. Louis, which allows her to live like royalty in a country where the average person makes only $2,500 a year.

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