FBI to high schools: Tell us who your “anti-government” students are

The rattlesnake just wants to be left alone. This is a fundamentally American political concept.
The rattlesnake just wants to be left alone. This is a fundamentally American political concept.

This is all getting a little too weird and that is why we are running this story from Infowars. Drudge also ran it today.

This country, unlike most countries has a bit of “anti-government” spirit built into its DNA. We were a group of colonies which broke away from an empire. We were born in a tax revolt. “Liberty,” the right of an individual to be free, the core element of much of the Enlightenment, is what has historically made us a “people”. It wasn’t ethnicity. It was our belief that the individual, even those who were not part of the Old World aristocracy had dignity and worth.

And now teachers are being encouraged to inform the government of their students who are “anti-government”? Does wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt constitute a questionable attitude? What’s the line? Advocating for the Bill of Rights? Will that constitute running afoul? What about someone who insults the president?

This is not a good development. And I say to my liberal friends, this is not good for ANY of us.

(From Infowars)

A new FBI initiative based on Britain’s “anti-terror” mass surveillance program instructs high schools across America to inform on students who express “anti-government” and “anarchist” political beliefs.

“High school students are ideal targets for recruitment by violent extremists seeking support for their radical ideologies, foreign fighter networks, or conducting acts of targeted violence within our borders. High schools must remain vigilant in educating their students about catalysts that drive violent extremism and the potential consequences of embracing extremist belief,” states an unclassified document released in January by the FBI’s Office of Partner Engagement, the agency’s primary liaison for the law enforcement community.

The document claims public school educators “are in a unique position to affect change, impart affirmative messaging, or facilitate intervention activities,” including informing on students. It calls for “observing and assessing concerning behaviors and communications” of students “embracing extremist ideologies.”

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