Feds offer millions for plans to tax cars by the mile

prius cc

The government will tax and tax and tax until citizens push back. Is there nothing in this country we can do without giving the government a cut? Must the government always get a slice? Is there no end?

Soon even your commute will be taxed (even more) if the Feds can get away with it.

Let’s pack everyone into little mass transit friendly rat nests. People who live outside of the pollution, noise, the increased taxation, the increased crime, the general unhappiness of urban America need to pay more for their privilege. Because Lord knows the income taxes, the payroll taxes, the property taxes, the telecommunication taxes, the carbon taxes, the water taxes, the sales taxes, and all the other taxes we must pay, obvious and not, are not enough. The government must take yet MORE.

And all because we’ve increased fuel efficiency in cars. Gas tax revenues have gone down as cars have become more efficient. Too bad the government can’t increase its efficiency in a commensurate way.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The Federal Highway Administration will publish a notice Tuesday that asks states to bid for millions of federal dollars that will be given to projects aimed at developing alternative ways to fund the Federal Highway Trust Fund, which could include systems that impose taxes based on how far people drive.

FHA’s grant notice says it will spend up to $15 million this year, and $20 million over the following four years, on projects led by a state or groups of states that seek to develop “user-based alternative revenue mechanisms” for federal highway funding.

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