Frank Zappa on Crossfire 1986 – “I am a conservative, and you may not like that, but I am.”

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This clip from comes from a reader. Great find.

A few days ago we posted a meme which had a quote from Frank Zappa. (It appears.) There was some controversy around the quote as to whether it is word for word what Zappa said. Some Zappa fans (and I am a fan) have asserted even that Frank supported socialism in direct contrast to the quote.

I have said that if anyone can show me where this quote is incorrect I will post that the quote is incorrect and highlight the correction. Additionally if anyone can offer a defense of socialism by Frank Zappa I am happy to post and highlight that as well. We are trying to make a point, but if we are incorrect we are fully capable of admitting that we are incorrect.

We do not however believe that we are.

The above quote comes at 3:15 of the attached video. In fairness the position Zappa is taking is more of a libertarian one than a “conservative” one. And I will say this Crossfire video really shows how up tight Republicans could be in the 80s. Times have certainly changed. In this respect I would say for the better.

One thing I think we (at least fans of Mr. Zappa, conservative, libertarian, liberal, progressive, whatever) can all agree on however is that Frank Zappa was an amazing mind and a brilliant artist.