GOP businessman pushes wind, solar (Surprise, he wants subsidies. AKA your money)

Where solar make more sense and where it makes less.
Where solar makes more sense and where it makes less. 

We are for solar and wind. In fact in my next house I intend to have large solar panels installed with a backup battery system. We like green stuff. But subsidies are not cool and invariably are vehicles for crony capitalism. Invariably.

(From The Washington Examiner)

A big driver of Faison’s campaign is Congress’ passage of a spending bill that included a five-year extension of wind and solar tax credits, which is expected to keep renewable energy growing by several-fold.

“A lot of Senate Republicans see [last year’s tax credit deal] as a win-win,” Chrissy Harbin, Americans for Prosperity federal affairs director, told the publication Morning Consult on Tuesday. “They get the green energy programs they wanted to extend, and they get to benefit from economic benefits of ending the ban on crude oil exports.” The spending bill also lifted the 40-year-old restriction on oil exports.

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