Homeless Man Owes Government Over $110,000 In Fines For Being Homeless

homeless cc

I’m going to guess that this guy really doesn’t care about his credit rating.

Nothing says societal progress like fining a homeless person $110,000. I would imagine that being homeless in Montreal (like this guy) would be “fine” enough.

(From TrueActivist)

The recent case of a homeless man racking up massive fines has exposed the widespread police practice of fining homeless people for being homeless.

Émilie Guimond-Bélanger, a social worker at the Droits Devant legal clinic in Montreal spoke to the media about a case that she worked on where a homeless man racked up over $110,000 in tickets.

“It was shocking. We’ve never seen someone with so many tickets,” Émilie told CBC.

The man had over 500 tickets, which amounted to over $110,000 in fines.

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