JOHN MCAFEE: The NSA’s back door has given every US secret to our enemies

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This comes to us via Rep. Thomas Massey’s Facebook page. Massey is one of the few good guys on Capitol Hill in our opinion. He says:

I can’t verify all of this, but we know much of it to be absolutely true based on information posted on Juniper Network’s own web site. Summary: government backdoors inserted into private security solutions make us all less safe! Please share if you agree.

(From Business Insider)

So, while the NSA was monitoring our perceived Middle Eastern enemies, the Chinese and Russians, and god knows who else, were making off with every important secret in the US, courtesy of the NSA’s back door. The NSA failed to notice that 50% of Jupiter Network users were American, and the majority of those were within the US Government.

Last year alone, the Defense Department was hacked. Using the NSA’s back door the Chinese walked off with 5.6 million fingerprints of critical personnel. The same back door was used to hack the Treasury Department on May 27th of last year in which millions of tax returns were stolen. And again, our most devastating hack as a nation was the Office of Personnel Management hack, in which 22 million sensitive files were stolen. The Chinese gained access through the Defense Department’s Juniper Systems and then using inter-operability with the Personnel Office, took what they wanted. Again, courtesy if the NSA’s back door.

Whatever gains the NSA has made through the use of their back door, it cannot possibly counterbalance the harm done to our nation by everyone else’s use of that same back door.

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