Kellogg’s and Conagra join General Mills and Mars in labeling GMOs

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I have to admit, I care a lot about my food, but GMOs don’t particularly concern me. They do however concern people who are close to me. As such I pay special attention to the issue.

This development can only be seen as a positive one from my perspective. If these companies want to list the GMOs in their foods I am all for it. In fact it makes me more inclined to do business with them. It seems the years of pressure brought by the anti-GMO folks has borne some fruit (non GMO fruit).  The decision by the Vermont legislature to force the labeling of GMOs scared the food companies. These companies could have tangled things up in the courts but they went a smarter (it appears) route.

Good.  Big Ag lost a fight that they probably could have mitigated years ago if they just listed the GMOs in their foods in the first place.

(From Black Listed News)

Four major food companies, Kellogg’sConAgra FoodsGeneral Mills and Mars, Inc., announced they will label food products that contain genetically modified organisms. These companies are following in the footstep of Campbell’s Soup, who announced its intent to label GMOs back in January.

Just last week, a GMO labeling bill known as the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know Act) was shot down inside the Senate. That piece of legislation would have prohibited states from requiring GMO labeling.

These big moves in labeling all have been carried on back of the state of Vermont, which has in place a plan to implement a mandatory GMO labeling law on July 1. Executives say that creating labels for only one state isn’t feasible, so all packaging has to be overhauled nationwide.

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