New study names America’s most regulated states

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The author of the article makes the point that “of course” the study doesn’t show the “good” done by such regulations. This is the standard caveat which one must use if one is to report on such issues for NBC “of course.”

Regardless it is an interesting story and in many respects the states which are the most regulated, according to the story, are not necessarily the ones one might assume. If there is wealth being created however the Feds want a piece of this wealth which is why oil and coal states lead the way on this list. In effect many regs are “partnership agreements” with industry. A way for the Feds to wet their beak.

(From CNBC)

“Although federal regulation applies in the same way in all states, each state’s economy includes a unique mix of industries,” write authors Patrick McLaughlin and Oliver Sherouse. “As a result, federal policies that target specific sectors of the economy will affect states in different ways.”

Of course, the study gives no consideration to the potential benefits of any regulations. The study paints every rule — and their effect — with a single brush. Still, the authors say it is important to quantify the impact because regulations “created and enforced by bureaucrats” have become the government’s primary policy vehicle.

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