Obamacare is main roadblock to cancer ‘moonshot’

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Seriously, is there anything Obamacare can’t screw up?

I’ve talked to people in the property and casualty insurance business and they are saying that because of Obamacare the charges for ER visits are up by 1/5. New sickness coding procedures are straining doctor’s offices. People are now being penalized significantly by the IRS for not having insurance even though it may make more sense to self insure given the very high deductibles. And on and on.

(From CNBC)

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act works against advancing personalized medicine to cure cancer because it forces doctors to employ one-size-fits-all, “evidence-based” generic therapies. That approach promotes interventions that may only be effective for patients similar to those in research studies – and that is the exact opposite of personalized medicine.

Precision medicine methods, beyond cancer therapies, include measuring unique biomarkers, and monitoring trends within an individual over time, taking into account genetics, lifestyle, and family history. Treatment models that have developed under The Affordable Care Act encourage significantly fewer tests. For instance, women who want mammograms before the age of 50 might have to pay more than before because of updated guidelines.

And genetic testing is permitted only for rare cases. The result is that the wealthy get the tests and treatments they need while middle and lower class Americans might only get the most basic of tests, which will not reveal the dangers already lurking in their body or in their genetics.

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*Something struck me about the above article which is unrelated to the subject matter. When did we start referring to the “lower class” in this country? This is a recent thing. At least in these sorts of articles.