Pentagon investigation reveals $458 million in botched travel payments

pentagon cc

But hey, what’s $458,000,000?

Think about that as you file your taxes.

(From The Military Times)

The Pentagon is promising to expand its crackdown on improper travel payments after an internal investigation found widespread errors in vouchers that troops submit for reimbursement, according to a new report.

The Defense Department Inspector General released a report Thursday showing that the percentage of inaccurate payments made under the Defense Department Travel Pay program grew from 5 percent in 2012 to 7 percent for 2014, when improper payments totaled more than $458 million. A majority were over payments, though in some cases troops were also shortchanged. It’s unclear how much of this money the Defense Department ultimately recoups.

In many cases, officials approved travel expenses for airfare, hotels and rental cars despite service members’ failure to submit receipts, according to the report.

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