Russia banned a Polish board game that simulates Communist-era shopping

Poland line cc

This is pretty great. Apparently it’s a hit. Who ever thought a game about standing in line to get old potatoes would be well received?

Perhaps some people know how important it is to never forget.

(From QZ)

The Russian version of the “Queue,” which simulates the experience of shopping in the empty stores of communist-era Poland, was released in Russia in November 2015. Several months later, the country’s consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor informed the game’s Polish producer TREFL that if it does not change the historical content of the game, it would have to take all of its products that are on the Russian market out of circulation, according to IPN, the Polish historical institute behind the game. IPN says that Russians have been allegedly filing complaints to authorities, outraged by a negative description of the communist system, and by the information that the Soviet Union had forcibly installed a communist regime in another country. For Poles, who lived under a Soviet-backed communist regime for nearly five decades, the historical irony is palpable.

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And for those of you who have never seen what shopping was like in the Socialist Worker’s Paradise here’s a video flashback. No iPhones. No vegan pizza. No Ben and Jerry’s. No Levis to roll up so they don’t get caught in the chain of your microbrew bicycle. Just lots (not even lots) of crap.

That is unless you were in the crony class. In which case you got slightly fresher crap.