Socialist former president of Brazil detained in connection with massive crony oil scandal


This is a huge development. Lula has long been the darling of the socialist Left around the world and especially in South America for almost 2 decades. He rode the “pink tide” to power in the early 2000s with other socialist leaders on the continent, but now it appears that the statist dream is crashing down in a giant crony capitalist scandal. His protege Rousseff Dilma, the current Brazilian president is also staring at impeachment.

This is the way it ALWAYS goes with big government politicians from Chicago to Brussels to the former Soviet Union. Politicians who call for bigger government in the name of “justice” (or any other reason) are ALWAYS on the take. The bigger the government the bigger the corruption. This is a constant. It’s about as close to a verifiable equation as there is in social science.

And I love that one of the things prosecutors are examining are Lula’s “veiled” kickbacks via “speaking fees.” This reminds me of someone.

(From Bloomberg)

“There is evidence that former President Lula received sums from the Petrobras scheme” through an apartment and country home, federal prosecutors said in a statement on their website. “Also being investigated are payments to the ex-president, made by companies investigated in Carwash as supposed donations and speaking fees.”

The latest twist in the two-year probe may end the career of Brazil’s most prominent politician in decades and revive a frenzied debate surrounding President Dilma Rousseff’s future. The investigation into alleged influence trafficking and kickbacks at state-run oil company Petrobras had been encroaching on the ruling Workers’ Party and led to the arrest of several of its top officials.

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