Sons of anarchy: Crony capitalism on the West Bank

Mazen cc

It’s right out of the crony playbook. Control the government and all the important government contracts. Snuff out business opposition with fiends in the right places, issuing licenses or not issuing licenses Etc. Make sure everyone knows that if they want to even consider doing any sort of business they have to go through you.

Then sit back, mafia style, and watch the money roll in. Simple.

(From The New York Daily News)

While Mazen, his oldest son, died in 2002, his sclerotic rule has been very good to his two other sons, Yasser (named after Arafat) and Tarek. The two are very much alive — and very, very rich, turning themselves into millionaires by leveraging dad’s control of the West Bank…

…Son Yasser, who holds Canadian citizenship, chairs Falcon Holding Group, a Palestinian conglomerate with tentacles throughout the Palestinian territories.

Falcon Tobacco possesses the monopoly on importing U.S.-made cigarettes.

Falcon Global Telecom runs the cell phone business.

Falcon Electrical Mechanical has its hands in civil engineering contracts in everything from building sewers to paving roads.

And there is Falcon General Investment and Yasser’s extensive real estate holdings.

Yasser’s brother Tarek owns the biggest advertising firm in the PA, called Sky, with plenty of work funneled to it from Abbas’ officialdom.

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