Soros dumps millions more into the American presidential race

George Soros (Investor, Finanzier, Open Society Foundation), Foto:

He is “alarmed” at the rise of Republican candidates who do not jibe with his worldview. He also likes to have someone he can call on in the White House.

(From Bloomberg)

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that January, he remarked to Reuters that some hard-right* candidates would provide a big contrast with Obama but “there isn’t all that much difference” between the president and Mitt Romney, the eventual Republican nominee. He also remarked that “a lot of the talent has left” Obama’s administration.

A few months later, Soros told a Clinton confidant that he wished he hadn’t backed Obama in the primary four years earlier.

“He said he’s been impressed that he can always call/meet with you on an issue of policy and he hasn’t met with the president ever,” Neera Tanden said in a 2012 e-mail to Clinton, who was then serving as Obama’s Secretary of State. “He regretted his decision in the primary — he likes to admit mistakes when he makes them and that was one of them.”

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*When terms like “hard right” start coming out of the woodwork usually things are getting weird. And things have gotten weird.

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