Supreme Court lets Colorado pot laws stand by declining to hear lawsuit

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A moment of sanity in American government. The liberalization of cannabis laws is the right direction and one which is in line with the spirit of this country. We are the Land of the Free after all.

Cannabis prohibition is also rife with cronyism. From the prison system, to the cops, to pharma, to the illegal drug cartels, all have a reason or reasons to keep pot illegal.

(From The Christian Science Monitor)

The justices have not commented on the decision to throw out the lawsuit, which Nebraska and Oklahoma filed directly in Supreme Court against the neighboring state. The suit contends that Colorado’s law allowing adults recreational use of marijuana violates federal antidrug regulations. The two states further argue that Colorado-sourced pot is spilling over their borders, impeding their anti-drug efforts and eating into their resources…

…”At the end of the day, if officials in Nebraska and Oklahoma are upset about how much time and resources their police are spending on marijuana cases, as they said in their briefs, they should join Colorado in replacing prohibition with legalization,” Mr. Angell said.

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