The Cuba Obama won’t see: Selling illegal popsicles, newspapers, haircuts, ham sandwiches in Cuba (VIDEO)

This video is a few months old but in light of our president’s visit I thought it was appropriate. By the way, check this picture out from today.

I used to have a Che poster that we kept on the refrigerator in college. People asked me why I had it. I always told them that even as a poor college student I had more in my refrigerator than most Cubans who lived under communism. It was a good reminder. Heck, I had a fridge.

Image from Twitter
Image from Twitter

This is the president of the United States. (And no it’s not the same as Bush in front of Mao or Reagan in front of Lenin. The context is very different.)

Meanwhile the people of Cuba suffer under the economic regime originally “run” by Che Guevara. (Che was Minister of Industry from 1961-1965.)