The Fourth Branch of Government is Out of Control

The HUD building. Isn't it lovely?
The HUD building. Isn’t it lovely? Right out of Eastern Europe.

As long as I’ve been alive the Leviathan has always grown. That’s probably true for any American alive today and that is a sad thing.

(From Reason)

America has witnessed a massive shift in government authority, says George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley—one that “has occurred without a national debate and certainly not a national vote.” That shift has led to the de facto creation of a “fourth branch of government containing legislative, executive and judicial components but relatively little direct public influence.”

Turley made those remarks in recent testimony before a House Judiciary subcommittee. His talk waded deeply into the weeds of legal history and precedent, but the upshot was this: By failing to rein in regulatory agencies when they overstep their bounds, the Supreme Court and Congress have allowed those agencies not merely to administer law, but to create it—and run roughshod over the public in the process.

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