The great Brazilian crony crisis: 68% of Brazilians support the impeachment of socialist President Rousseff

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The bigger the state, the bigger the corruption. This is a simple and near universal equation. Wherever and whenever the state grows beyond the basic level corruption spikes. It’s not the people in the government. Filling the state with well intended (for the sake of argument) people isn’t going solve society’s problems. This is the great “progressive” fallacy. It is government’s nature to become corrupt. Cronyism is a fundamental part of a powerful government. That’s just the way it is, and always has been.

But some people want to believe the dream, the big, crony, statist dream. And it is understandable that they do.

Government can make things right. If only things were more fair. And so on. But life and government doesn’t work like that no matter how much some wish that it did.

(From Reuters)

Congress’ lower house opened impeachment proceedings last week against the unpopular Rousseff based on opposition allegations that she deliberately manipulated government accounts to boost her chances of reelection to a second term in 2014.

Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla who is Brazil’s first female president, has vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

The impeachment process only adds to the crisis that has hit Brazil, shaken to the core by its biggest ever corruption scandal – an investigation into political kickbacks to the ruling coalition from contractors working for state oil company Petrobras.

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