The new battle cry: Why can’t the media ‘stop’ Trump? (This is not the media’s role in America)

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It is not the role of the media to “stop” anyone from running for or winning the American presidency. That some would argue that it is should worry Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. The media is to report, sometimes to opine, but certainly not derail (even if it could) a candidacy just because a certain group of people finds a particular candidate distasteful.

That there are those in the media seriously making the case that the media needs to “stop” Donald Trump reflects a deep arrogance within the #cronymedia. Some within the media really do see themselves as “The 4th Estate.” It’s good to see the New York Times/NBC crowd humbled.

One can almost hear them as they spin in their Aeron chairs fretting. “Are we going to let those yokels from flyover country determine the next president? How can this be happening!? Why aren’t they listening to us anymore?”

That is a good question and one which the media can only answer for itself.

(From Fox News)

The media.

Trump must be stopped, they declare, and it’s the media’s mission to halt him in his tracks.

It’s an argument that fundamentally misreads the role of the press. And it is being made by some generally smart people who are so apoplectic over the prospect of a Trump nomination or Trump presidency that they don’t understand why journalists haven’t convinced the country to despise The Donald the way they do…

…I am not pro-Trump or anti-Trump. I am a journalist. And journalists who aren’t in the opinion business are supposed to be fair. They often fall short, of course, but it is not a “failure” on their part that Trump is on his way to the Republican nomination—that is, unless you’re a Trump-hater who thinks it’s our duty to knock out the candidate you so detest.

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