The ‘War on Men’ in the Workplace

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It ain’t 1974. It ain’t 9 to 5 anymore. Many men have been left behind. And (almost) no one seems to care.

(From Bloomberg)

Avent theorizes that these people — himself included — work so hard because they find work fulfilling and engrossing, and because you can’t afford to live near where the really good jobs are unless you work that many hours. This all-in approach to work has favored men, because they have generally been more willing to prioritize work over family than women are.

But remember, this is a “relatively small class of people.” Most men don’t have the opportunity to do such intellectually, emotionally and financially rewarding work. Most women don’t either, but they are generally seen as better suited for the other kinds of jobs that are being created.

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Add that men are actively discriminated against in hiring and promotions – and that it is legally sanctioned – and one can see why many men aren’t happy with the current state of affairs.