Tina Fey Calls Out The Oscars for Political Correctness, Liberal ‘Hollywood Bull***t’

Fey cc

The Oscars this year left a lot to be desired. An industry which is deeply crony, corporate as all get out (anyone heard of Sony Pictures or the MPAA?), highly stratified, a boys club at the highest levels, collectively decided to try to shame the great unwashed on Sunday night on all manner of things. DiCaprio waxing about “corporate interests” (huh?) and “protecting the planet” while still smelling of fresh jet fuel from his flight into La La Land was classic.

However maybe it wasn’t jet fuel we were smelling, but something else.

(From Reason)

“Halfway through, I was like, ‘This is some real Hollywood bullshit,'” she told Howard Stern on Tuesday. “Everyone is telling me what to do, and people are yelling at me about rape and corporate greed and climate change. It’s like, guys, pick a lane.”

Fey was probably referring to Lady Gaga’s performance of The Hunting Ground‘s “Until It Happens to You,” which featured survivors of rape taking the stage; The Big Short‘s Adam McKay, who called out rich people for buying elections in his acceptance speech after winning Best Adapted Screenplay; and Leonardo DiCaprio, who rambled on about climate change during his Best Actor speech.

““They’re like, ‘We’re going to fix everything tonight.’ Like, you’re all rich,” said Fey. “Why are you yelling at me about corporate greed?”

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