Trump freaks out foreign clients of lobbyists

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One can understand the concern. Trump could throw a big old wrench into the status quo foreign relations wise. I heard Andrea Mitchell practically scold the guy today on the radio for his non-interventionism. (Not to his face.) She couldn’t believe what Trump was saying about Japan and Saudi Arabia defending themselves.

(From The Hill)

The speculation that Trump could be denied the nomination at a brokered convention has spread far outside of Washington.

The third lobbyist recalled getting an urgent-sounding text message recently from a sovereign government client overseas.

“Can you talk?” the text read.

After the text, the lobbyist said he spent hours talking with the client about delegate counts, the Electoral College and GOP convention rules.

Representing foreign governments is a lucrative niche industry in Washington. Consultants, public relations advisers and lobbyists are hired to boost diplomatic efforts, promote tourism and serve as a megaphone for foreign clients.

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