VICE News: Last Days of Chavez’s Legacy: The Fall of Chavismo in Venezuela (Video)

An early rally against Chavez and Chavismo. in 2015 these people voted with a vengeance.
An early rally against Chavez and Chavismo. In 2015 these people voted with a vengeance. Kind of a Venezuelan TEA Party.

This is an excellent report from the heart of the Chavismo movement prior to the recent repudiation of president Nicolas Maduro, Chavismo as a political philosophy, and the “Bolivarian revolution” generally by a large part of the Venezuelan electorate. (A majority.)Though the report is for the most part friendly to the Chavismos and ignores the perspective of the opposition, it none-the-less offers an illuminating look into the socialist political machine as it comes to terms with its own dismissal at the hands of la gente.

Supermarket under Chavismo
Supermarket under Chavismo

The tactics on display in the attached video are not unlike the tactics employed in major cities across this county. Places where “community organizers” spend their time trolling for votes. A free cell phone here. Some food rations there. Maybe even a brand new taxpayer subsidized apartment which is free of graffiti and filth for about a week until it inevitably falls into disrepair. Caracas, as you will see has much in common with places like the south side of Chicago, Detroit, and Newark. Places where the government promises deliverance but delivers only more servitude.

Image: The Telegraph
Image: The Telegraph – This about sums up why a big part of this country never trusted Obama.