What is “nonlinear (narrative) warfare”? 5 minute VIDEO from Adam Curtis (A “red pill” kind of video)

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This is pretty heady and heavy stuff. I don’t agree with every point made in this short clip but it asks an interesting question.

How much of what is presented to us as news, as important, is just manufactured?

Likely a good bit. If so, why are these narratives manufactured in the first place? Is the public deliberately presented with contusing information and concepts by powerful interests? If so can this be countered? How skeptical must we be when considering what is actually the truth?

Of course one could go mad trying to “figure out the world” and that does no one any good. But a steady state dose of skepticism is probably a good prescription for the typical media watcher.

It should be noted also that a society without a guiding star, a philosophical and indeed a moral rudder, is probably particularly susceptible to nonlinear deception.

*An additional late note. The video argues that individuals have become paralyzed and feel increasingly powerless. I don’t know that that is the mood in the United States these days.