Bluster: Obama says UK would be at ‘the back of the queue’ for trade deals if Britain leaves the EU (I doubt that very seriously, Obama’s gone soon.)

Union jack: hugely symbolic.

This is beginning to get ridiculous. Britain is our most important ally. We have the deepest historical ties with the United Kingdom. Right now many people in the UK are fighting for their country’s very survival. They are seeking to maintain their sovereignty in the face of a European Union which is a bureaucratic and some would argue authoritarian institution. Brussels grows cronies like the cow pasture down the road from my house grows mushrooms. (And both the mushrooms and the EU politicians are full of the same thing.) The EU is a technocratic and often unrepresentative administrative empire and this empire wants to rope Britain in (permanently) to take the country down a peg. (Or 3.)

Many Britons lost their lives fighting to keep Europe from being dominated by the Germans, and for that matter the French. (Which now dominate the EU.)

That our president would weigh in on the situation in the way that he just has really shows where his priorities are. It is absolutely with the statists, the UN, the bureaucrats, the technocrats.

“End of the line?” Again it’s the big shot phenomenon raising its head with Mr. Obama. He can’t shake it. Very disappointing.

By the way here’s what Margaret Thatcher had to say about “a federal Europe through the back door.”

Fundamentally this debate is about whether the United Kingdom remains its own country.

Click here for the article from The Sun.