Both Sanders and Clinton have received more money from defense contractors than any GOP candidate

26 juli 2015, Ferryvlucht van Fort Worth AB Texas naar Eglin AB Florida. JSF F-35 met Registratie AN-1, tailnummer F001 Werd 24 juli 2015 door Lokheed Martin overgedragen aan Nederland. Om 11:07h Texaaanse tijd word de eerste JSF overgevlogen van Fort Worth AB naar Eglin AB. Foto: Eerste Nederlandse vlucht F-35 AN-1


We run this video (the distilled version) once a year or so and this seems an appropriate time to run it again. Below is perhaps one of the most important speeches ever given by a president. Eisenhower, the former General of the Army, addresses the danger of the Military Industrial Complex in his farewell to the American people.

(From Politico)

According to the Center for Public Integrity’s review of Federal Election Commission data, over a 14-month time period from January 2015 through February 2016, the Clinton and Sanders campaigns together received at least $765,049 from employees of major defense contractors — more than twice the $357,775 sum received by the Republican Party’s three remaining presidential candidates. Among the current GOP contenders, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has called for large increases in defense spending, won the lion’s share of defense industry donations, receiving $307,955.

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