Can Bernie Sanders really be getting more defense industry contributions than any GOP candidate? (Graph from Politico)

It’s all too much. GOP, Dem, whatever. The point of the prior article was to illuminate how pervasive military contractor money is. So much so that even Bernie Sanders, crunchy ole’ socialist Bernie Sanders, is caught up in it. This shouldn’t be surprising to his supporters as the F-35 is based out of Vermont. Of course some defense money is going to come his way.

We have no horse in this race. (Or any other race.) Bernie, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, whomever will be influenced by the military industrial complex. That’s the way it is. We have as President Eisenhower put it an “armament industry of vast proportions.”

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And for those who are unfamiliar with how political contribution bundling works here is a primer.

(From Politico)

“We need a strong military, it is a dangerous world. But I think we can make judicious cuts,” Sanders told a U.S. Student Association town meeting at the University of Iowa in February 2015. “There is massive fraud going on in the defense industry,” he added, and “virtually every major defense contractor has either been convicted of fraud or reached a settlement with the government.” On January 17, during the fourth Democratic debate, Sanders said DOD’s priorities need “fundamental change.”

Nevertheless, Sanders collected at least $310,055 from defense contractor employees, including at least $45,652 from employees of Boeing and at least $36,624 from employees of Lockheed Martin — more than Clinton received from either group. Two-thirds of Sanders’ total and 95 percent of his individual contributions from the defense industry came in amounts of $250 or less, while Clinton was more reliant on contributions of at least $1,000, including many from company managers. Neither Sanders’ campaign nor Boeing responded to requests for comment.

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