Congressman Massie insists on a recorded vote on foreign aid tonight

Massie cc cc(From Congressman Massie’s Facebook Page)

The House was going to authorize $1 billion in foreign aid using a voice vote (unrecorded vote) with less than 12 members of congress in the chamber today. I showed up around 5:30 pm and demanded a recorded vote. Thankfully three other congressmen were also there to request the recorded vote if I didn’t.

When the recorded vote happened at 6:30 pm, only 33 members voted not to authorize the billion dollar foreign aid package. I know that the folks who voted for this bill genuinely want to feed the poor in other countries, but how can we keep spending money in other countries when we have so much debt and so many needs in our country? Is it moral to mortgage our children’s futures for the benefit of those in other countries?

Here is the roll call for the vote tonight:

Click here for the vote.