Ignorance reigns on Twitter yesterday, #Resistcapitalism trends, Cluelessness abounds

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If you are “resisting capitalism” you are “resisting human progress.” You are resisting the voluntary exchange of goods and services. You are resisting opportunity for people to make a better life for themselves through hard work. You are trading that opportunity for a system which rewards the uncreative and unambitious. (And perhaps you understand this.) You are fundamentally resisting FREEDOM and LIBERTY, because “economic liberty,” the right to do what you want with that which you own, is not separate from social FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

You might think you are resisting some capitalist instituted “hierarchy.”

You might think you are resisting racism.

You might think that you are on the side of “justice.”

You might think that an all empowered state would never hurt you or your family.

You might think that a large state would never infringe on YOUR right to free expression.

You might think that “free” college is actually “free.”

You might think that “socialism” doesn’t devolve into totalitarianism. (Of different kinds.)

You might think that the Crash of 2008 wasn’t the result of massive government central planning.

You might think that socialism with its non-market, that is non-reality based prices is economically viable.

You might think that socialism, even though it has failed over and over and over might one day work.

You might even think that America, this country, is capitalist.

On all these points you are tragically wrong.


In truth, by supporting socialism you are supporting a further entrenchment of hierarchy. And get used to being stuck in it.

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In truth you are empowering the state to further racism. Socialist societies while paying lip service to “racial equality” fail in such equality. Indeed sometimes genocide is the result.

In truth “justice” in a society dominated completely by the state is the enemy. Truth is fundamental to justice. Truth is the enemy in a state dominated society.

In truth the opportunities for you and your family would be much fewer (think about that if you feel like you have few opportunities now) unless you can weasel your way into the ruling socialist class. (Which is unlikely.)

In truth socialism rewards compliance. Socialism rewards conformity. Rebellion generally is frowned upon. On occasion it is brutally suppressed.

A Chinese protestor blocks a line of tanks heading east on Beijing's Changan Blvd. June 5, 1989 in front of the Beijing Hotel. The man, calling for an end to the violence and bloodshed against pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square, was pulled away by bystanders, and the tanks continued on their way.
But we want NICE socialism. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way folks. How do you think the socialists sold their religion in other places? Did they say that they were going to brutalize and exterminate people? (In public?) Of course not.

In truth the reason college costs so much is because of all the “free” money the government has dumped into the system via the loan system for the ultimate benefit of politically connected college administrators.

In truth even places like Sweden have strong elements of capitalism and free markets which is the reason the place isn’t a hole. Plus the population has historically been homogeneous and the population small.

In truth the Crash of 2008 was as a result of central planning. The Federal Reserve kept interest rates too low for too long and then it all crumbled on itself. In a free market with honest money, pricing, and interest rates such dislocations would be vastly reduced if not eliminated.

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In truth socialism is built on keeping reality at bay. Prices, human instinct, fundamentally nature itself. It is only a matter of time before reality bleeds through. When it does it is often met with brutal repression by an entrenched ruling class which is wedded to socialism. (See Tank Man above)

In truth, Europe is much poorer than the USA. Even still they benefit from the fact that the USA subsidizes their militaries. (Typically the most expensive part of any state.) And in case you haven’t noticed these countries are also deeply challenged right now both socially and economically if not in crisis, largely because of their all pervasive welfare states. It doesn’t work over the medium to long term. Why would we want to be MORE like Europe?

In truth the USA is far far far from a capitalist state. The economy in many regards is centrally planned by the Federal Reserve. The government busybodies have injected themselves into every part of our lives. There is almost no part of life which is free from government. We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Government now dominates much of the economy, much more than it has historically. Taxes greet us at every transaction or activity. Free exchange of goods and services is severely restricted. Indeed there is an effort to outlaw cash so even the simplest transactions are tracked (and ultimately taxed) by the state. The reason things are so screwed up right now is because we live in a crony capitalist state, a fascism lite state, and fascism, despite what you’ve been told by the adjunct professor who taught you in your Political Science 101 class is a form of SOCIALISM. (Yes the fascists and the socialists fought each other on occasion. It’s the same way the Bloods and Crips fought each other but were still gangs.)

Socialism is “good” for the intellectually dim, the readily compliant, the people who think in beige, the people for whom “good enough” is “good enough.” It is human warehousing. It is a crushing and brutal way of running an economy.

But it is sold as liberation. (Funny that socialism has to be sold isn’t it?)

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Socialism is in fact a long boxcar ride to a very dark end. That is unless you’re driving the engine or herding people into the boxcars. (But most people wont be engineers or cops under socialism.)

Don’t get on that train. Don’t ever get on that train.

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