Illinois Police Department Pulls Plug On Body Cameras Because Accountability Is ‘A Bit Burdensome’

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You know what’s more burdensome? Police unaccountably.

(From Techdirt)

It’s not enough to just have the cameras, though. Effort must be made to keep them in working order (and to prevent intentional damage/disabling). The footage must also be preserved and provided to the public when requested. This does mean there’s additional workload and expenses to be considered, but the potential benefits of increased documentation should outweigh the drawbacks.

Not so, apparently, for the Minooka Police Department in Illinois. The agency has decided to end its body camera program because accountability and transparency are just too much work.

Minooka Police Chief Justin Meyer said Friday the issue was not with the functionality of the cameras, but that it became a burden for staff to fill the many requests for video footage.How much of a burden?

“I was happy [with the body cameras],” Meyer said. “It just became a bit burdensome for our administrative staff.”That’s all it takes to let cops off the accountability hook: “a bit” of a burden. King Camera has been overthrown and the public’s access to information is first against the wall.

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