Obama and crew cop to lobbyist love

lobbyists cc

(From The Washington Examiner)

In 2000, after chairing the Clinton White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, McGinty began lobbying the Clinton Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency. Her client: drugmaker Glaxo Wellcome. Glaxo made inhalers which used chlorofluorocarbons, and McGinty was lobbying the EPA on regulations controlling CFCs, her firm’s filings indicate…

…After her stint on K Street, McGinty worked in Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection, where she advanced millions of dollars of subsidies for green energy companies, including subsidiaries of the Spanish company Iberdrola. You can guess what she did once she left state government: McGinty got a paid gig on Iberdrola’s board, where she served until this election cycle.

Now Obama is trying to bring her back into public service.

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