Poverty, prostitutes and the long, slow death of the Soviet Union: Haunting pictures show desperate struggle to survive in last days of USSR

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Socialism always implodes. It’s a matter of time and the degree to which the ruling class, a crony class, the nomenklatura, will use force to keep reality at bay. The Soviet Union is the grandest example of this.

(From The Telegraph)

The dismal state of the USSR’s economy, during a time of rapidly improving living standards in the West, was a result of its dogmatic Communist political system, which stifled free enterprise and stopped the country moving on from its feudal past.

As these images show, by the 1980s that system was close to collapse, as Mikhail Gorbachev’s liberalising reforms did little more than open the door to ever louder clamours for change – and on Boxing Day 1991, just a few years after these photos were taken, the Soviet Union was finally dissolved.

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