“Pro-tax” Republican former Senator Alan Simpson is still mad at Grover Norquist, wants more taxes

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I personally like Grover and his anti-tax pledge is about the only thing which has provided ANY restraint on federal spending over the last couple of decades.

Norquist’s simple assessment is absolutely correct. We as a country do not have a revenue problem. The government already extracts far too much from the productive sector and redistributes it to its friends in government and the the crony establishment. No, we have a SPENDING problem.

At this point the effort should always be to reduce spending and cronyism. This should be the general disposition of government. This should be the political sea through which politicians swim. Government reduction should be a given. The degree to which this is done should be one of the chief yardsticks by which a politician is assessed.

The American government has spent and spent and spent for decades. It has put the American people deep in debt. It is time now to get our act together. To act in such a way that reflects the seriousness of our situation and the fact that this country can act in a responsible way. It is possible. It is actually time we lead the world on this.

By the way I do not see the reduction of government as “conservative.” In the 21st Century cutting the state – that product of the 20th Century (essentially) is the “liberal” disposition. Cutting government is the way forward. Entrenching ourselves deeper in the muck with yet more government, taking yet more power from individuals, is reactionary.

Sorry newly minted socialists but in many ways you are the actual “conservatives.” You want more of the same. More taxes. More state. More restrictions on humanity. More conformity.

That Alan Simpson thinks that we need more taxes to “make the government run” is just wrong. Government doesn’t need more money. It has far far too much. How about we cut out all of the corporate welfare before we start talking about new revenue streams extracted from the American people?

One additional note. I’ve always kind of liked Senator Simpson, he’s just wrong on this very important issue.  

(From CNBC)

“[Norquist] has a voodoo doll of me on his bed chamber. And he pokes little holes in it,” Simpson said in a “Squawk Box” interview. “There wouldn’t be a thing Erskine [Bowles] and I ever did that Grover Norquist wouldn’t get on his white horse and get his robes on and ride through the countryside like Paul Revere in reverse. This guy is a fraud.”

On Wednesday’s show, Norquist criticized the Simpson-Bowles plan for lack of specifics:

“The challenge with Simpson and Bowles is that they tried to do it with a massive tax increase included in it,” said Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform. “The idea of reducing marginal tax rates is great, but their plan was about a $5 trillion increase in the next decade. That’s why it was a nonstarter. They always talk about lowering the rates, the only number in Simpson and Bowles were on the pages, by the way, the page numbers. They talk in interesting generalities, but when you got down to what they want to do it was a massive net tax increase, they didn’t quite tell you where the money was coming from.”

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