Senator McCain’s Crony Circus

CircusProcessionElephants1888 cc

Flaming hoops to jump through. Whips. Elephants. Dung. High-wire acts. Clowns.

Yep, that’s Congress for you.

(From The Weekly Standard)

Chairman McCain opened a recent hearing of the Armed Services Committee by expressing his concern about rocket engines. He didn’t focus on terrorism, ISIS, North Korea, or DoD spending on a military jet that can’t fly if it sits on a hot runway too long. Nope, the Chairman who oversees all of those issues attempted to get more money into his state in the form of more business. Sen. McCain has been talking with Elon Musk’s SpaceX team recently and it is starting to show. Before the hearing diatribe, Senator McCain was tweeting compliments and courting Musk to bring his brand of entertainment to the Grand Canyon State.

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