This city is forcing a family to destroy their vegetable garden…on their own land


I say garden it up. Lawns are a terrible waste if one doesn’t do anything on them, and unfortunately too many Americans don’t. Making a plot of land into a productive garden is a good thing. Yet many municipalities would prefer their residents plant roundup blasted grass. Why? We’re not sure but it sure seems behind the times.

(From Rare)

A family in Sugar Creek, Missouri has been given four days to tear out their entire vegetable garden or face a fine from their municipality.

Their terrible offense? Planting vegetables in their front yard.

What makes the situation even more unfair is the fact that the ordinance under which the city is fining Nathan Athans and his family was just passed on March 28, 2016. Because of that remarkably convenient timing, Athans believes he is being personally targeted.

He would move the garden to the backyard but it doesn’t get adequate sunlight, so the vegetables can’t grow there.

The new law says the garden has to be at least 30 feet from the road, which isn’t possible on Athans’ property.

That last word is what makes this all so ridiculous: It is, in fact, private property.

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