Very slippery slope: NY politician says gun manufacturers ‘Make terrorists out of our citizens’ at gathering with Hillary Clinton

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There are people who just do not get guns. They fear them. They didn’t grow up with them. They fear that people who don’t agree with their worldview do own them. They see the Second Amendment, right after speech, as some kind of mistake. And at least some 2nd Amendment opponents, Constitutional opponents let’s be straight here, honestly think that the gun industry, a perfectly legal industry “makes terrorists.”

This woman was unfortunately the victim of a horrible crime. But that does not give license to abandon rational thought.

To be clear Ms. Clinton did not say these things. However she was on the panel with the person who did. And even though Ms. Clinton is a gun control person she should have called this local pol out on her fallacious argument. Industries don’t “make” terrorists. Industries don’t “make” people fat. Industries don’t “make” people drive their cars too fast.

Industries can be crony. They can game the system. They can do all sorts of bad things which need to identified and called out. Sometimes, often, those things are even legal. But the gun industry doesn’t MAKE terrorists.

The implicit argument of course is that people are too weak willed to make their own decisions. It is a nanny state worldview. All the edges must be rounded off in life. It is a worldview which fundamentally fears free people. It is a worldview which distrusts one’s neighbor. It is not a coincidence that this worldview reigns in places where people are stacked on top of one another in urban environments.

I am no gun guy. In fact I don’t like them at all. But I love the 2nd Amendment. It is, as our founders saw, a vitally important part of keeping a free society. And when people say industries “make terrorists” they should be held to account not applauded. That’s a pretty slippery slope.

What other currently unfashionable (with some) industry “makes” people do things some other people don’t like?

(From Mediaite)

At a Port Washington, New York roundtable on gun violence Monday, former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton ruffled some feathers when she nodded in agreement, then applauded enthusiastically for a panelist who told the audience that gun manufacturers “make terrorists out of our citizens.” As you can see from the video, Hillary’s agreement is anything but reluctant:

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