1 in 6 US young men locked up or jobless (or presumably both)

(From Breitbart)

According to CBO another reason for the increased joblessness is that they are entering working age without “the cognitive and noncognitive skills” employers are looking for in their hires.

“Cognitive skills are generally equivalent to academic skills, whereas noncognitive skills include such ‘soft skill’ as diligence, punctuality, and teamwork,” the report reads. “If mismatches between young men and employers have indeed been growing more common, it could be either because the young men have fewer of the skills that employers have traditionally sought or because the employers are seeking different skills.

The trend has largely negative implications for society as a whole. As non-tax payers who receive government aid, these young men are taking more our of the system than they are putting into it, a phenomena that will likely continue as they grow older.

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