300 Hours Training Required to Shampoo Hair In Tennessee

The horrible days before shampooing licenses.
The horrible days before shampooing licenses.

Seems legit. There are many nuances to shampooing that we lay people don’t even know exist. And what of emergency situations? What if one has a head full of shampoo and the water suddenly runs out? Shampoo would begin to get in one’s eyes. One might not even be able to find one’s way out of the bathroom. And even if one could find the door one’s hands would be covered in shampoo and so turning the door handle might be impossible. One might end up spending all day in the bathroom blinded by suds. Think of the potential lost productivity for the economy.

Thankfully in this day and age, at least in Tennessee, we have well trained shampooers who can do the job, and more importantly keep us safe. We wonder how life even goes on outside of the Volunteer State.

(From Reason)

The Beacon Center of Tennessee is trying to change this. The libertarian-leaning think tank is suing the state cosmetology board over its onerous occupational-licensing requirements for people who want to wash hair. At present, obtaining a government permission to shampoo hair requires taking two exams, at a cost of $140, plus a $50 annual fee. On top of that, someone must take 300 hours of training “on the theory and practice of shampooing,”¬†at a cost of upwards of $3,000 for the tuition.

“Tennessee is one of only five states that require a license to wash hair, and this is just one of the many senseless licensing laws that the Volunteer State currently has on the books,” Beacon Center states on its website.

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