58 Percent of Voters Willing To Go With Someone Other Than Trump or Clinton

Winds of change are blowing.
Winds of change are blowing.

That feels about right. And it should be remembered that the state as we know it is very much a product of the 20th Century. Just as highly centralized, highly hierarchical corporations are. Corporations have been forced to adjust to the new less centralized world (though this is ongoing), governments are just beginning to feel the winds of change.

(From Reason)

The most interesting finding in the Schoen results involves responses to questions about independent or alternative candidates. The short version tells us what we’ve known for a long time: Increasing numbers of people are effectively done with the two major parties, at least when it comes to their presumptive nominees for president. As Matt Welch and I wrote in The Declaration of Indepedents (2011/2012), politics is a lagging indicator of where America is already headed and the same forces that have remade our cultural, commercial, and personal lives are coming to politics. Every aspect of our lives besides politis is shot through with increasing choices and proliferating, personalized options. Due to our electoral system, the United States will always have two dominant parties, but what they stand—and how broadly they appeal to people—can vary widely. But until the Dems and Reps figure that (if ever), they will appeal to fewer and fewer voters who are desperate to see a 21st-century politics that reduces the size, scope, and spending of government while giving more options and freedom to people to live the lives they imagine for themselves.

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