A Beard Tax is Being Proposed in England, and It’s Not the First

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Pay attention hipsters, the day of reckoning may be upon you! (That is if you are still wearing a beard at this point.)

I will say that if they try to tax beards in the States I will grow mine back.

(From Atlas Obscura)

Anthony Kent is proposing a UK beard tax; surprisingly, he’s not the first person to have the idea…

…To verify that a bearded man had paid his tax and did not need to be forcibly shaved (and yes, noncompliant men were forcibly shaved) “beard tokens” were minted and given as proof that the tax had been paid. The token bore an image of the Russian eagle on one side and a bearded face on the other, and were inscribed with the phrases “The tax has been taken” and “The beard is a superfluous burden”.

Peter’s beard tax was abolished in 1772, ending the world’s most ambitious regulation of facial hair. But Kent is not the first person to unearth the concept. In 2014, Dr. Alun Withey discovered evidence that a New Jersey state legislatorattempted to introduce a graduated beard tax. Convinced that beards provided a furry mask for the morally unseemly, the legislator suggested a taxation scale that can only be summarized as “strange.”

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Your editor with a beard.
Your editor with a beard in the Live Free or Die State. Untaxed of course.