A collection of VA scandals over the past few years (Too many to list in one post)

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This is not exhaustive but in light of the recent statement by the Veterans Affairs chief comparing waiting for treatment at VA hospitals to waiting in line at Disney World we figured we’d post some of the other VA stories we’ve done relatively recently. The level of dysfunction at the agency is remarkable. This is what “single payer” healthcare looks like, slow, red tape, top heavy crony administration, people dying waiting for treatment.


307,000 veterans died awaiting Veterans Affairs health care, report finds


Report: Corrupt Veterans Affairs Executive Lied Under Oath, Engaged In Fraud


Senator to VA: Fire your mental health director (Suicide hotline put veterans on hold, didn’t call back)


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One year after VA scandal, the number of veterans waiting for care is up 50 percent


One-third of veterans on pending (VA) medical care list already dead


VA Boss Promoted After Steering $4M Contract To Relative


Lawmaker says VA protecting ‘corrupt and incompetent’ employees


Failed St. Louis VA Chief Got Plush Job ($160,000/year), Free House in Philippines


VA admits: ‘Accountability’ doesn’t mean firing anyone


VA will let officials keep taxpayer money they stole


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VA secretary defends millions in bonus awards


Phoenix VA Hospital Leaders KICK OUT Investigative Task Force


And there are plenty more posts.